OEM vape



Professional OEM Vape Manufacturer

We at Kimone Industries  are fully aware of how different the manufacturing process is for vapes and e-cigarettes compared to other industries. Electronic cigarette manufacturing involves a number of procedures, thus even the tiniest error could lead to project failure. Technology for making e-cigarettes is advancing swiftly. As a recognized OEM vape manufacturer, Kimone Industries  maintains a state-of-the-art OEM vape factory and R&D lab. We ensure that we continually outperform our competitors.

Newly-Designed OEM Vape Factory

Finding a reliable OEM vape manufacturer might be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the standards. The world’s vaping country, China, is where Kimone Industries  is based with an OEM vape factory. Most vape products are produced in this city, as you surely well know. We also provide an elf bar bc.

We are able to combine our knowledge of the entire vape industry at our amazing OEM vape factory. Our knowledgeable professionals will guide you throughout the entire process while avoiding any misunderstandings. Our knowledgeable inspectors will perform quality checks during mass manufacturing to guarantee the success of your project. Whether you need OEM disposable vape, OEM pods, or TPD-compliant vape, Kimone Industries  is the best OEM vape manufacturer.

Experienced Designers

Kimone Industries  is a leader in the production of vapes and e-cigarettes, providing an entire end-to-end solution. We take pride in providing the best solutions from our OEM vape factory in China. It has in-house competence in production, engineering design, and project management. As a renowned OEM vape manufacturer, experienced designers work for us in-house. We will collaborate with you to imaginatively bring your product to life, making sure you receive exactly what you want out of the design process. Your requested delivery method will be used for the order. Once things are delivered, we will continue to offer the support that is required.