Sea freight has a lot of advantages. Especially this method is suitable for consignees in cities located near the coastline. Due to longer terms, this method of delivery is the most economical, especially when transporting large quantities of goods. Shipping by sea is mainly carried out on terms FOB.

The delivery time to:

*Europe – 30-40 days.

*USA – 12 days to the West Coast. To the East Coast: 30 days.

*Africa – South Africa 30 days. Egypt – 25 days. Liberia – 40 days.

*South America – Colombia 30 days. Chile – 37 days. Brazil – 40 days.



The developed railway infrastructure in China allows safe and economical deliveries of goods. The way of delivery by the railway allows to keep the balance of the price and terms of delivery optimal. Depending on the cargo different types of wagons are used. Delivery is carried out in wagons and gondola cars, containers, cisterns and platforms.

The delivery time to Europe is 20-25 days.

The delivery time to Europe is 10-20 days.




Air delivery from China is the optimal solution for ensuring security and expediency of cargo transportation. This way of transporting goods from China is the most expensive and reliable. Short deadlines with the minimum number of required documents. Convenience and stability are provided by an extensive network of airports in China.

Time of delivery – 7 days. 


DHL, FeDex, UPS. This service provides the ability to deliver cargo anywhere in the world in just 1 day. 


Having extensive experience in logistics, we provide our customers with the best ways of delivering goods from China. Cooperating with us you will get full support while delivering goods and minimize costs. In order to get assistance in selecting the method of delivery of the goods, please contact us through the Whatsapp, feedback form or mail box. 

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