Legal and Compliant Production and Export of Vape

We possess a legitimate vape production license, allowing us to conduct production activities lawfully.

Brand Authorization and Legal Filing

If clients request us to manufacture their brand of vape, we require them to provide brand authorization documents to ensure we have legal production rights.

After obtaining brand authorization, we will apply to the Chinese Customs for the client’s brand registration, ensuring we have legal production and export rights.

We will submit the client’s brand information and relevant authorization documents to the China Tobacco Administration ( to ensure the compliance of brand registration.

Production Process

Throughout the production process, we strictly adhere to both national and international vape manufacturing standards to ensure product quality and safety. Our production fully complies with PMTA (PREMARKET TOBACCO APPLICATION) and FDA STANDARD standards.

Additionally, we incorporate environmental regulations into our production procedures to minimize the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Export Process

Before exporting vape, we initiate the export declaration process with the Chinese Customs, providing information such as product specifications, quantity, and value in accordance with the requirements of the destination country. Our products undergo compliance inspections by the customs to ensure they meet the quality and safety standards of the destination country. Once inspections are passed, we proceed with customs clearance to legally and compliantly export from China. This allows our customers to receive all necessary export documents, including the Certificate of Origin.

By meticulously following these steps, we ensure that our operations stay within legal boundaries while also guaranteeing product quality and compliance. We conduct all processes transparently, establishing trust and reliability. You can confidently choose us as your partner, as we adhere to a legal and legitimate production and export process.

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