Casings Color Techniques

In the design of vape casings, we offer a variety of color and craftsmanship options to cater to different customer preferences and brand requirements. With our extensive experience, we use multiple techniques and equipment to ensure the perfect texture and appearance of the casings. Whatever the desired color, texture, or decorative effect may be, we can bring it to life using suitable techniques and equipment, providing a wealth of possibilities for the design of vape exteriors.

Multiple color options

We provide a wide range of color choices, encompassing everything from classic to trendy appearances. Whether it’s understated and elegant black and white, or vibrant and lively bright shades, we can tailor the casing colors to the customer’s preferences. This diversity ensures that the product matches various users’ aesthetic preferences, increasing user satisfaction.

Diverse craftsmanship options

We take pride in offering various casing craftsmanship options to enhance the product’s texture and visual appeal.

1, Rubber Oil Technique: Our rubber oil technique provides a superior tactile sensation, enhancing user comfort.

2, UV Printing Technique: Through UV printing technology, casing patterns, logos, and images are displayed clearly and vividly, enhancing the visual effect.

3, Paint Baking Technique: The paint baking technique gives the casing a glossy texture, enhancing its quality and durability.


Beyond standard color and craftsmanship choices, we also offer personalized customization options. You can create a unique casing design based on your brand identity, target audience, and market trends. This customization adds uniqueness to the product, capturing the attention of more potential users.

With the diversity of casing techniques, rich colors, and craftsmanship, we are committed to providing high-quality exterior designs that meet customer needs. Whether pursuing simplicity, sophistication, or trendiness, we can infuse the product with distinctive charm through appropriate techniques.

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