Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Vape Pods or Coils

Vape Pod and Coil Replacement

Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Vape Pods or Coils

Coils and cartridges for vape pods are items that require periodic replacement. However several vapers are unaware of when to swap out their coils and cartridges. Fortunately, there are certain telltale signs you can look out for to determine when your OEM Vape Pen or cartridges need to be changed. These seven indicators can help you determine whether to change the coils or cartridges in your vape pods.

Your vape pen tastes stale or burned

It’s time to change the coils or vape pod if you find that your vape tastes burned or stale. If you keep using it, your gadget will not function as effectively as it once did and could sustain some minor harm. Furthermore, you will have a negative vaping experience because of the poor flavor.

Of course, you may investigate the reasons behind your vape device’s burnt or stale flavor, but you’ll need to replace the cartridges or coil since they can no longer be fixed. This might be a serious issue if you vape regularly. Before purchasing fresh cartridges or coils, you might be able to use your gadget for a few days, but once

The vape juice appears more somber

The heat from vaping causes the e-liquid within to evaporate. The coil may become black or brown if it overheats. If you have been vaping for a long time without changing your coil, this might also occur.

Vape Pod and Coil

Depending on how often you vape and what device you use, the coils’ typical lifespan of one week may need to be extended. If you’re wondering when to change your vape pod cartridges or coils, you should do so if you notice that the coils are becoming golden or brownish-red in color. It’s time to change the coils or pods on a vape pen or pod if any of these indicators show up.

Odd noises are coming from your vape gadget

The most frequent reason for unusual noises coming from a vape device is a burnt-out coil. If this occurs, your vape device may produce random noises in addition to a loud buzzing sound. When the coil burns out, it can occasionally burst, seriously harming your vape pen or e-cigarette.

The most effective technique to check for burnt-out coils is with a digital multimeter. Just position the probes of the meter on either end of the coil, then use the display screen to take a measurement. Should the reading be high, it indicates a problem with your coil; it is best to replace it right away to prevent more malfunctions with your gadget.

The vape pen you have is leaking

While a little leak poses no threat, a larger issue may be revealed by an OEM vape pod manufacturer. If the leakage occurs after a prolonged period of use, it could be necessary to replace the coil in your vaporizer.

A coil will begin to leak when it starts to deteriorate. Because the coils are of metal, they will eventually corrode if submerged in water. Or even just exposed to moisture. Leaks from the inside or outside of your device may result from this, the coils may burn out or shatter.

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