lithium Battery Qualification Certification & Main Specifications

Qualification Certification

To ensure the safe transportation of our batteries, we provide reports that are certified by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). These reports include MSDS test reports, UN38.3 test reports, and DGM test reports, demonstrating that our batteries meet international transportation safety standards. With these certifications, you can confidently choose our products, ensuring secure and reliable international transportation.

By offering both air and sea shipping options, we aim to meet various order requirements and provide flexible logistics solutions. Our battery qualification certifications ensure the safety of your orders during transportation. Regardless of the scale or urgency of your order, we have suitable logistics plans to offer you dependable delivery services.

Qualification Certification

Model: 13350 (500mAh)

Performance: Battery capacity of 500mAh.

Advantages: Compact and lightweight, suitable for small-sized electronic cigarettes, easy to carry.

Model: 16350 (550mAh)

Performance: Battery capacity of 550mAh.

Advantages: Relatively small size, suitable for some compact electronic cigarettes, with good battery life performance.

Model: 18250 (600mAh)

Performance: Battery capacity of 600mAh.

Advantages: Moderate battery capacity, suitable for medium-powered electronic cigarettes, balancing between battery life and size.

Model: 18400 (1100mAh)

Performance: Battery capacity of 1100mAh.

Advantages: Larger battery capacity, suitable for high-power and frequent usage electronic cigarettes, excellent battery life performance.

Model: 20400 (1400mAh)

Performance: Battery capacity of 1400mAh.

Advantages: Very large battery capacity, suitable for high-power devices and extended usage, strong battery life.

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